Round Down at Ploughshares

As promised, though a bit belated, here is a link to my latest Round Down at Ploughshares’ blog, where I analyze and otherwise break down the latest in literary news.  So far I’ve covered a clarion call for white writers’ to tackle racism in literature given the aftermath of Ferguson, the somewhat murky process for selecting the “best” literature according to the National Book Awards and the Pulitzer Prize, and, most recently, the media’s complicated response to the brutal Charlie Hebdo killings last week.

I’ve really been enjoying compiling my thoughts on what’s happening in the literary world, especially as it intersects with society and culture–though I’ve been so anxious about commenting on front page issues that I spend way too much time tinkering after I have the piece written.  Hopefully as time goes on and I continue to develop my Round Down voice I will get swifter without sacrificing quality.  It’s been a blast to see my name associated with a really wonderful publication and to get a chance to put in action my belief that literature matters.

Check me out every other Tuesday on @Pshares!  Now that I’m back from a whirlwind holiday vacation to Michigan and the Caribbean, I plan to resume blogging more personally here as well every Saturday.

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