English Rain


Yesterday it rained all day.  I was glad I packed my rain boots and rain jacket.  I woke up and was going to go on my walk, and decided just to do yoga in my room instead.  The sound of the constant tap tapping and the cool damp air made a nap impossible to resist.  I ended up day dreaming about the cabin Jason and I stayed at in Hot Springs, NC, just outside of Asheville back in October.  That cabin in Hot Springs was very likely the spot I fell in love with him.  We spent many an afternoon on the covered porch there reading in companionable quiet listening to the rain weave its way around the roof-like leaves.  I don’t think there’s a more lulling, comforting sound–at least when you’re properly covered and able to view it from a window, or covered porch, or poncho.

The week went by very quickly.  I had a paper due Tuesday, so Monday and Tuesday passed by in a tea inspired drive to produce 12 pages and re-read the novels at hand.  Tuesday we also had a reception for scholarship recipients (yours truly among them).  I found out the scholarship I received was named for a beloved Bread Loaf faculty member who during the academic year was a chair at Johns Hopkins who tragically drowned trying to save a child in a swimming hole in Ripton, VT (a swimming hole I’ve visited).  I’m very grateful to the generosity I’ve received at the behest of so many wonderful, pioneering educators who believed in helping those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to study do so.

Wednesday I passed in a stupor of essay crisis hangover (Season 2 of Call the Midwife and candy and dining out).  Thursday I hurried through a Toni Morrison novel in time for class.  Yesterday I outlined everything I need to accomplish in the next few weeks while also taking care of some housekeeping planning for the fall.  I also took a break and went and saw Inside Out, an adorable, clever Pixar film with a wonderful message to children that it’s okay and sometimes will save your life to be sad, to feel your emotions authentically, and to reveal in the ways sadness can connect you to your family and friends through compassion and empathy.  I may or may not have teared up with Bing Bong sacrificed himself.

This weekend I opted out of the graduate conference Bread Loaf is putting on (very expertly from what I can tell) in favor of trying to loosen the fist of anxiety that is gripping my heart over the thought of producing two 20 paged papers in the next two weeks.  Focus focus focus.  Tomorrow I have a blog to produce for Ploughshares, and Monday I’m meeting with my professors to firm up plans for my final projects.

To all those who have sent me letters: thank you!  To those who haven’t but want to: note that you need an air mail sticker from the post office and that even with that expediting sticker, the letter will take 5-7 days to arrive, and my last day here is August 8!  After that, Mom and Dad and Jason arrive for an adventure in the north of England.

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